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A man in Naples, Utah, tries to drive a backhoe into his mother's home

By Travis Uresk


Naples, Ut.- On 7/16/23, multiple police agencies were called in to assist Naples police officer Roth to a disorderly in progress at 761 South 2000 East. Vernal City police and Uintah County Sheriff's Deputies arrived just before Officer Roth and spoke with the complainant.

The complainant told dispatch that her son, 24-year-old Kelton Bryce Huber, was attempting to drive a backhoe through her garage door.

While speaking with the female, she stated that Kelton was angry and trying to drive to California to have a doctor assist him with suicide. Kelton took the keys to his mother's car and tried to drive off, but she got the car back into the garage and then closed the doors.

She then locked Kelton out of her home, and he began punching the home's glass doors, trying to get inside the home to get the vehicle out of the garage. His mother told him multiple times to leave and not ever to return while he was attempting to break into her home.

After Kelton was unsuccessful in breaking into the front door, he went to the backyard, got into the backhoe, drove the backhoe around the home, and up a long driveway. Kelton drove toward the garage, intending to pry the garage door open with the backhoe to steal the car.

Kelton's mother was able to get him to stop the backhoe a foot away from the garage door by placing herself between the backhoe and the garage door while yelling at him to stop, and the police were on their way.

Kelton remained inside the backhoe until the police arrived and got him out.

Officer Roth spoke with Kelton, and he stated that he intended to pry the garage door open to get the car from inside.

Dispatch advised the Officers that Kelton had three warrants out for his arrest, two out of Naples City Justice Court.

Kelton was then arrested and began to argue with the Officer saying this was against the 4th amendment and would not turn around to be placed in handcuffs after being ordered multiple times.

Three officers took hold of Kelton and forced his hands behind his back. Kelton remained non-compliant, resisting while being told to stop and place his hands behind his back. The Officers gained control without having to take Kelton to the ground and were able to put the handcuffs on. Kelton resisted the entire time.

Kelton’s mother stated he was “on the fight” today and advised her other children to stay away from him. Her other children were present and witnessed the incident that had occurred.

Kelton's mother said he had taken her car keys, pulled the car out into the driveway, and told her he would drive to California because they could conduct an assisted suicide. Se told Kelton that he wasn't allowed to take her car and was able to get him out of her car and park back into the garage.

Kelton became belligerent with his mother, who locked him out of the house. While he was in the backhoe is when she called 911.

Due to Kelton attempting to gain access to the residence by force with intent to commit a motor vehicle theft, the victim being his mother and refusing to leave when asked and refusing lawful orders to submit to arrest. Kelton is being charged with attempted burglary of a residence which will be domestic violence, Domestic in the presence of a child x2, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and criminal trespass, and will also be booked on his multiple statewide warrants.

His mother has also specifically requested a no-contact/protective order as she is concerned for her other children's safety and believes that Kelton needs a court-ordered mental health evaluation due to his behaviors and his refusal to take medications to treat them.


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