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A Man Gets Sent To The Hospital After Being Beaten With A Stanley Mug


(3/24/24) Vernal — Vernal City Police Officer Maughan and Uintah County Deputy Simmons responded to the address of 326 West 350 North apartments on the report of an assault.

When the officers arrived, they met with a male who was covered in blood and had severe swelling to the left side of his face. The male was being loaded into an ambulance to be transported to the Uintah Basin Hospital for further evaluation.

Deputy Simmons followed the ambulance to the hospital, where the adult male was admitted, and the deputy was able to speak with him. The deputy began discussing the events that had caused the injuries.

The male stated he was in bed at his girlfriend's house when her husband, 39-year-old Chancery Scott Armstrong, whom his girlfriend is currently separated from, arrived home and entered the bedroom.

The male stated Chancery immediately became enraged and started to hit and punch the male all over. The male stated Chancery grabbed a Stanley metal mug and began beating him with it. The male said he saw Chancery either hit his girlfriend with the mug or with his fists; he couldn't remember but did say it was across her face.

The male stated he was fearful for his life and began to flee from the residence. While fleeing from the home, the male described how Chancery continued to hit him with the metal mug, saying he was going to kill him and he was going to make sure he was dead.

The male began to inform the deputy he had observed several safes with multiple firearms around the home, that Chancery was intoxicated during the time of the altercation and the strange comment about his girlfriend, who is Chancery's wife.

Deputy Simmons asked who was in the house during the incident. The male stated he, his girlfriend, and her three children were inside. The male added he was fearful that Chancery would do something to his girlfriend and the children.

While speaking with the male at the hospital, the deputy noticed he had sustained severe injuries. The male had a laceration approximately three inches long on the back of his head, as well as a severe swelling on the left side of his face. It was also believed his left arm could be broken.

Due to the fact Chancery had caused such serious injuries to the male as well as possibly assaulting his wife (the male’s girlfriend) and having access to firearms, Deputy Simmons made contact with supervisor Sgt Cottam and advised him of the situation.

The male agreed to sign a medical release concerning the incident for the deputy. Several deputies discussed the safest way to contact Chancery. The deputies were able to text the girlfriend/wife during the conversation, during which they learned she was safe, and they would be safe to talk with Chancery in person.

While en route to the residence, a vehicle was seen leaving the area. Deputy Ouderkirk stopped the vehicle and found it was the wife/girlfriend.

As Deputy Simmons turned around, Chancery was standing on the front porch of the residence, talking on the phone. The deputy approached Chancery, who asked the deputy not to come any closer and to come back later. Deputy Simmons informed him that wasn't possible because of the allegations of what had happened, and they needed to talk.

Sgt Cottam walked up next to Deputy Simmons, and they both saw the handle of a pistol in Chancery's front pocket.

The two deputies continued to talk with Chancery, asking him to keep his hands away from the gun. They were able to convince him to allow the deputies to remove the handgun and check for any other weapons.

Once the pistol was removed, Chancery had the chance to calm down. Deputy Simmons asked Chancery he would like to hear his side of the story about what happened this morning.

Chancery began to tell Deputy Simmons that he had gone out the night before to get a couple of drinks. Once he arrived at the residence, he went upstairs to check on his wife. When he entered the room, he saw his wife and another man he didn't know cuddling on the bed together. Chancery said he became angry and started to beat up the man. Chancery said he followed the man out of his house, beating on him the entire time.

Chancery went on to say that after the male left, he and his wife got into an argument and woke up the children.

Chancery was taken into custody without incident and booked into the Uintah County Jail.

Deputy Simmons called to check on the status of the male’s injuries. The male had severe deep bone bruising in his left arm as well as deep bone bruising on the left side of his face. The male also stated the laceration to the back of his head required five staples, and he also had severe bruising on his left shoulder.


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