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A man gets arrested for burglary for trying to steal another person's cigarettes

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 7/25/23, Cpl Johnstun was dispatched on a burglary detail at the Horizon Hotel at 1624 West Hwy 40. Dispatch advised that the complainant stated that 65-year-old Darrel Ray Jenkins had entered her room and attempted to steal her cigarettes.

Cpl Johnstun got to the hotel and saw Darrell sitting outside, who he recognized from prior incidents. Johnstun asked Darrell if something had happened inside, and he stated nothing happened. The Cpl asked if everyone was getting along, and Darrel stated, "That lady is awful intoxicated."

Darrel said he lived down the hall from the complainant, and she "Came out screaming."

Darrell stated the complainant was screaming about a cigarette. Cpl Johnstun asked Darrel to stay where he was while he went and spoke with the complainant.

The complainant stated she was asleep in her room and was awoken by her dog barking, and Darrel was standing in her room by the sink trying to steal her cigarettes. She stated she began yelling at Darrel and chased him out. The complainant showed Cpl Johnstun a broken, unsmoked cigarette in the trashcan below the sink. When she woke up, Darrel had thrown the cigarette in the trashcan and confronted him.

While speaking with Darrel again, he denied entering the complainant's room at all during the incident multiple times.

Darrel Ray Jenkins

Johnstun then spoke with a housekeeper at the hotel, and she stated she saw Darrel knock on the door and then enter the room. The witness stated she heard the complainant yelling at Darrell and then saw him exit the room.

Cpl Johnstun attempted to locate Darrel after speaking with the witness and could not find him. On 7/28/23, Cpl Johnstun located Darrell outside the hotel. Darrel again denied having entered the complainant's room.

Darrel was then arrested and transported to the Uintah County Jail, where he was booked for burglary of a dwelling.

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