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A Man From San Diego Accused Of Rape Of A Roosevelt Woman

Posted by Travis Uresk | Feb. 2nd, 2023 | Rape |

By Travis Uresk


Roosevelt, Ut.- On 01/20/2023, Roosevelt City Police department took a report of a rape, and Detective Kirkham was assigned this case on 01/26/2023. Detective Kirkham interviewed the victim, an adult female, at the police department.

She informed Detective Kirkham she had met a guy at Davis food and Drug in Roosevelt City, Utah, and gave the male her phone number. The victim stated after she returned home, the male texted her. The text read Hey, this is Eddie.

She texted Eddie back and forth for several minutes. During the text conversation, Eddie told her he was from San Diego and was out here for work and school. Eddie also told her he was 36 years old.

Eddie asked the victim to come over and shared his location via text message. The location stated it was Edward Ortega Cruz's location. The victim informed Detective Kirkham she went to an address at Cottonwood Circle.

The victim said when she arrived at the apartment and was inside, Eddie and her went upstairs to the master bedroom to watch a movie. Once in the bedroom, Eddie shut the door, started kissing her, and was all over her.

The victim told Detective Kirkham she told Eddie to stop, but he wouldn’t. She said Eddie made comments that would lead a reasonable person to believe he heard her say stop.

The victim stated she did not fight back due to how much larger Eddie was to her. She described Eddie being 6'4 300 lbs. The victim is approximately 5'5 172 lbs.

She also stated Eddie eventually got her pants off despite her efforts to pull them back up. She said after Eddie finished, she put her clothes on and left.

The victim went to the emergency room to have a rape exam done on 01/31/2023, and Detective Kirkham contacted Eddie via a phone call from the phone number that texted the victim.

Detective Kirkham identified himself as a Detective and told Eddie why he was calling, he asked Eddie for information to identify him, but Eddie refused.

On 02/01/2023, Detective Kirkham was contacted by Eddie, and he agreed to speak with Detective Kirkham in person. Eddie provided Detective Kirkham with a California driver's license, and the name on the driver's license was Edward Ortega IV Cruz, with a date of birth of 05/12/1986.

Eddie was informed by Detective Kirkham he wanted to talk to him about a girl he met in the area. Detective Kirkham advised Eddie of his rights Per Miranda. Eddie informed him he understood his rights and did not want to speak to him at this time.


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