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A man borrows his father's tools and then tries to pawn them at the local pawn shop

By Travis Uresk


Duchesne, Ut.-9/4/23, Deputy Weekes responded to a theft call and contacted the victim regarding the incident. The victim told the Deputy that his son had stolen and pawned a Sawzall.

23-year-old Brayden Frank Street had borrowed the Sawzall and some other tools but didn't return the items to his father.

Brayden went into Davis Pawn in Duchesne and attempted to pawn the item on 9/4/23 and was offered $20 by the pawn shop. A witness saw the item and bought it from Brayden for $40.

The witness then called the victim and made him aware that the item he purchased from Brayden had the victim's name on it. Deputy Weekes attempted to contact Brayden but was given multiple and inconsistent stories about where he was by his significant other.

Deputy Weekes met with the victim and the witness and took pictures of the Sawzall, which was then returned to the victim.

The next day, 9/5/23, Deputy Weekes received another call from the victim stating that Brayden had called after being made aware the Deputy was looking for him and that an investigation had been started. Brayden tried to tell his father it was all a mistake, and he thought his father had given him the item.

The victim told Brayden that they both knew that wasn't true. Brayden wanted his father to change his story and inform law enforcement it was all a misunderstanding, but the victim refused.

The victim stated he was willing to testify to both of the charges.

The current charge is a felony, and family members advised law enforcement that the arrestee was attempting to leave the state and go to Colorado. The suspect has other pending charges in this area and a warrant from Northern Utah. The suspect denied trying to leave Utah for Colorado.

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