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A Man Attempts To Hurt Himself After Assaulting A Female


Naples—On 3/27/24, Uintah County Deputies were dispatched to an assault call. It was reported that a male attempted to hurt himself after assaulting a female by slapping her in the face.

Deputies arrived and made contact with the female. It was apparent that she had been slapped across the face due to the redness.

Naples Police Sgt Gray had the female and her two-year-old son with him in his patrol vehicle down the road from the residence.

The police asked the surrounding neighbors in the area in an attempt to have them leave for the time being. As the officers were making a plan on how to approach the house, they saw a male, believed to be 53-year-old Lynn Ballard Rogers, exit the residence onto the front porch.

The officers made their way toward the house and took Lynn into custody.

Lynn was read his Miranda Rights and told Deputy Russell there was an argument between him and the female. Lynn stated the fight was over a cell phone when the female began yelling at Lynn. Lynn stated he slapped her in the face with an open hand, which is consistent with the marking on the female's face.

Lynn then stated after the fight, he had gone to the bedroom and retrieved a shotgun with the intent of harming himself.

Deputy Russell and Lynn walked through the home to document the incident and to retrieve evidence.

Lynn was taken to the Uintah County Jail, where he was booked on the charge of assault and domestic violence.


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