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A male leaving the Antlers Inn passes out on the sidewalk

By Travis Uresk 1nationjustice


Vernal, Ut.- On 9/10/23, at around 1:40 am, Vernal Police were dispatched to the area of the Antlers Inn at 423 West Main Street on a report of an intoxicated male laying on the sidewalk passed out.

When Officer Roth arrived, he saw the subject on the sidewalk. He had a powerful odor of alcohol coming from his person, flush skin tone, and shallow breathing. The Officer learned the male subject was a motel patron, but he was alone and had no one to take responsibility for him.

An ambulance was summoned to the scene to render medical aid. While waiting for the ambulance, Officer Roth was able to locate the subject's ID issued out of Oklahoma, identifying the man as 22-year-old Jacob Ethan Kinslow. The ambulance transported Jacob to the hospital.

When arriving at the hospital, Jacob became combative and aggressive with medical staff. He continued to yell and be belligerent and aggressive, causing a disturbance in the ER that could be heard by other patients and staff within the facility. Jacob continued to act out in the same manner after being told multiple times by law enforcement to stop constituting disorderly conduct.

Jacob had to be physically restrained to the bed to prevent injury to himself and medical staff. He continued to resist and interfere with the efforts to detain/arrest him lawfully. While attempting to restrain Jacob, he grabbed a Vernal Police Officer's uniform, tearing the shirt and causing damage, meeting the elements of interfering with arrest and property damage.

Jacob continued to fight and resist efforts to restrain him and used unlawful force against two medical personnel, causing injury to them while he was in custody as a prisoner.

The hospital staff chemically sedated Jacob, allowing the alcohol effects to subside over time. Once he was medically cleared, he was transported to the Uintah County Jail, where he was incarcerated for the offenses mentioned above.

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