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A male and female wanted for multiple warrants found in Jensen, Utah

By Travis Uresk


Jensen, Ut.


While patrolling, Deputy Leishman contacted Officer Roth, requesting his assistance with a call she was currently involved with. She said a subject would travel through Naples City soon and gave the Officer the vehicle description.

Deputy Leishman advised that the driver of the vehicle currently had a suspended license and had been involved with illegal drugs as well. Deputy Leihman requested that Officer Roth attempt a traffic stop on the vehicle and deploy his K9.

While in contact with Deputy Leisham, she requested dispatch run a license plate on a vehicle currently at the residence she was at with DCFS. Officer Roth immediately recognized the license plate and vehicle he had been looking for some time. The vehicle's owner has multiple felony warrants for his arrest, and Deputy Leishman advised that she believed it was the owner driving.

Officer Roth drove toward the area in Jensen to assist Deputy Leishman because she would be involved with multiple subjects alone, and one had multiple felony warrants for violent charges. As the Officer got closer to the area, Deputy Leishman advised that the vehicle was leaving and gave the Officer the direction of travel.

Officer Roth initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and ordered the driver out of the vehicle. The driver was arrested for his warrants as Deputy Leishman got the female passenger out of the vehicle. After securing the male subject, the Officer returned to speak with the female, who he believed to be Jamie Cranford.

While speaking with the female, she provided the name of Michelle Parker with a date of birth of 7/15/1973. Roth questioned the information at first, and so did the Deputy. She was asked if she had given the police false information, and the female again stated that it was the correct name that she had given. Officer Roth told the woman that he recognized her, and she said that he probably knew her sister, Jamie.

Officer Roth returned to his patrol vehicle to look up the information she provided and could not find any local identification for that name. He looked up Jamie Cranford's information and found local tattoo information for Jamie. He also found that 46-year-old Jamie Lynn Cranford has four active warrants for her arrest.

Officer Roth returned to the female and asked her to show her left ankle to prove she was not Jamie Cranford. She said she wouldn't show the Officer her ankle and asked why she needed to. Roth told her he believed she was lying about her ID and asked her to disprove his suspicions. At this time, she confessed that she was indeed Jamie Cranford and had given Roth her sister's name, who lives out of state. Jamie said she did this because she had warrants.

Jamie was arrested for her warrants and for providing false personal information about another real person. Deputy Leishman searched Jamie after she had been placed in handcuffs, and during her search, she found a plastic baggie that contained a white crystalline substance believed to be methamphetamine as well as a small glass pipe.

Due to these findings and previous information, Jamie is being charged with Possession of a controlled substance schedule 1, Possession of drug paraphernalia, and providing false personal information of another actual individual. The controlled substance charge is enhanced to a third-degree felony as Jamie has three prior convictions of the same within the past seven years.

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