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A male admits to flipping the breakers, turning off the power to the Econo Stay


On 1/4/24, Vernal City Police were dispatched to the Econo Stay at 311 East Main Street in Vernal. Officer Maughan arrived on scene and was met by two people.

One told the Officer that the power had gone out earlier in the day, and when he went to the breaker box, a male in a blue and white shirt was standing next to the power box. The man stated that the male admitted to flipping the breakers and turning the power off.

The man stated what room number the suspect lived in and was identified as 24-year-old David Allen Reed Lewis by the manager. The man stated David had left the scene before the police arrived.

Officer Maughan received a call from an employee at the Econo Stay saying David had returned and was starting to get physical.

Officer Maughan hurried back to the Econo Stay, where a man said David had shoved him. He stated that David got close to his face and put his hand on his chest. The man stated that he slapped David's hand away when David pushed him.

The employee confirmed that she had seen the incident and watched David push the other man. Another witness stated that he saw David push the other man and said he saw the man slap David so that he could back away from him.

Officer Maughan made contact with David, who said that the man had gotten up into his face and attempted to punch him. David stated that he flipped the breakers off while trying to fix his oven, which stopped working. Davis said he knew he should have called the maintenance man but decided to flip the breakers himself.

David Lewis was placed into handcuffs, double locked, and placed into the back of a patrol vehicle.

David was transported to the Uintah County Jail to be booked. While at the jail, David started to yell at another inmate and continued to yell after being told to stop. He then started to yell and argue with the correctional Officers.

Due to David flipping the breakers, recklessly causing a public inconvenience, serving no legitimate purpose, and due to David pushing another person with unlawful force. Officer Maughan arrested David Lewis for Disorderly Conduct and Assault.

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