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A Gateway Bar Employee Steals A Customers Vehicle And Crashes It

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Posted by Travis Uresk | Jan. 13th, 2023 | Theft, Drugs & Alcohol |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On January 9, 2023, Officer Ouderkirk responded to a vehicle theft report at the Gateway Saloon at 733 E Main Street in Vernal, Utah. Employee 29-year-old Keyley Gay (Keely) Christensen came and took a black suburban in the parking lot with the keys left inside of it.

Related Call: Story Below: Approximately 15 minutes before this report, a reckless driver was called into the Vernal Police Department. It was later found that the reckless driver was the suspect in Officer Ouderkirk's vehicle theft report.

CAD Comments: A male witness is following the vehicle, and it's swerving all over the road - She just hit some trash cans - She left her vehicle and walked away.

While Officer Ouderkirk was responding to the call, he heard Vernal Police Corporal Randall request additional units to respond to his location.

Officer Ouderkirk heard Officers arrive on the scene via radio traffic and immediately place one female in custody and transport the female to the jail.

Officer Ouderkirk arrived at the Gateway Saloon and met with the complainant. She informed Officer Ouderkirk that her coworker, Keyley Christensen, had taken a vehicle that had been parked in the parking lot since she got to work at approximately 10 a.m.

The complainant said that Keyley had asked her if the black Suburban in the parking lot had keys in it. The complainant stated that she told Keyley she did not know.

The complainant said a while later she saw Keyley go outside for a smoke break and that when Keyley returned, Keyley had said she moved the black Suburban.

A short while later, a group of customers called out, saying that the black Suburban was pulling out of the parking lot, and the complainant noticed that Keyley was no longer present.

Officer Ouderkirk asked the complainant if there was video footage, and she said it would be emailed to him. Officer Ouderkirk asked the complainant if she would fill out a witness statement, and she declined. Officer Ouderkirk informed her that she could care for her friend and coworker while holding Keyley accountable for her actions, but she still refused.

Officer Ouderkirk responded to the vehicle's location at 200 N 100 E. When he arrived at the scene of Corporal Randall's incident and observed a black Chevrolet Suburban stopped with the rear of the vehicle partially obstructing traffic.

Officer Ouderkirk met with Corporal Randall, and he informed him of his call information and his observations to that point. Officer Ouderkirk learned that the reporting party of the reckless driver call had followed the suburban and observed the vehicle crash into several residential trash cans on the shoulder of the street and now had a flat front passenger side tire.

Officer Ouderkirk also learned that the driver was found in the act of assaulting the reporting party.

Ouderkirk documented the accident and vehicle using his department-issued camera, ran the license plate to locate the registered owner's information, and attempted to contact the registered owner but could not make contact by phone and could not leave a voicemail.

While on the scene, Officer Ouderkirk was informed that the vehicle's registered owner had gone to the Gateway Saloon and found that their vehicle was no longer there.

Officer Ouderkirk spoke with the owner of the Suburban and informed her of the matter, and requested that she meet with him at the location of the vehicle at 200 N 100 E.

She arrived at the scene, and Officer Ouderkirk first asked if they would like to pursue charges. They informed him that they would. They requested to retain the vehicle as it was still drivable and only needed the front passenger side tire replaced.

Keyley Christensen was found to be in possession and in control of a vehicle she knew did not belong to her. The vehicle was later called in and reported stolen. During Keyley's control of the vehicle, she was involved in a minor traffic accident, which damaged the vehicle.

Based on cost estimates found online, Officer Ouderkirk estimated the total cost of damages and repairs to be approximately $500. Vernal Police arrested Keyley Gay Christensen, and Officer Ouderkirk included his charges - theft of a vehicle and criminal mischief, $500-$1,500.

The current offense is a felony. Keyley Christensen would constitute a substantial danger to the community and would likely flee the court's jurisdiction if released on bail.

Keyley Christensen was arrested for several charges by the Vernal Police Department and the Uintah County Sheriff's Office.

Officer Ouderkirk’s Statement:

Based on the actions observed by multiple officers, the damages which Keyley caused to government property in the presence of officers, and the theft of a vehicle that was left in the parking lot of her place of work that she clearly knew did not belong to her nor did she have any right to take control of, it is my belief that Keyley both poses a danger to the community, in the form of reckless behavior that puts innocent civilians at risk of injury and pecuniary loss, and a risk of fleeing from the jurisdiction of the 8th district court - Vernal. I am requesting a no-bail hold based upon the facts of this case and the reasons stated above.

Reckless Driver Call:

Keyley Gay (Keely) Christensen

Vernal, Ut.- On 01/09/2023, Corporal Randall responded to approximately 200 North 100 East, Vernal, Utah, regarding a report of a reckless driver. While he was responding, the driver wrecked into two trash cans.

Central dispatch informed Corporal Randall the driver of the vehicle had left the scene, and then Central Dispatch radioed back and said the driver had returned to the scene and the complainant had taken the driver's keys.

Corporal Randall arrived on the scene and saw a male and a female identified as Keyley Christensen. Kyeley was attempting to get her keys back from the male. Keyley was pushing the male against the tailgate of his truck.

Keyley then raised a closed fist at the male, which led Corporal Randall to believe she was going to strike the male.

At that time, Corporal Randall grabbed Keyley and pinned her to the tailgate of males truck to prevent Keyley from hitting him. When Corporal Randall grabbed Keyley he could detect the odor of alcohol coming from Keyley.

Corporal Randall ordered Keyley to put her hands behind her back and told her she was under arrest.

Keyley did not obey his commands to place her hands behind her back. Corporal Randall grabbed Keyleys left arm and put it behind her back for her. Keyley continued to tense her arms and attempted to turn around to face him. Corporal Randall was able to place Keyley's right arm behind her back.

Keyley was escorted to his patrol vehicle. When they reached his patrol vehicle, Keyley slipped on some ice and fell to the ground next to the patrol car.

Corporal Randall attempted to get Keyley to stand up but could not get her up. He Gave Keyley multiple commands to stand up, but she refused to get up. Corporal Johnstun arrived on the scene, and they got Keyley to stand up.

Corporal Randall and Corporal Johnstun attempted to secure Keyley in the patrol vehicle, but Keyley physically resisted. Sergeant Gledhill and Naples City Police Officer Mcgaha arrived on the scene. Corporal Randall and Officer Mcgaha were then able to secure Keyley in Corporal Johnstun's patrol vehicle.

Corporal Randall performed a records check on Keyley through central dispatch. The records check revealed Keyley had a Denied Utah driver's License. Due to Keyley's aggressive and combative behavior, he did not attempt to perform Standard Field Sobriety Tests.

Corporal Johnstun transported Keyley to the Uintah County Jail.

While Corporal Johnstun was transporting Keyley to the Jail, Keyley struck the window of Corporal Johnstun's vehicle. Keyley struck the window with the handcuffs causing damage to the window and the interior door panel of Corporal Johnstun's patrol vehicle.

Corporal Randall spoke with the male and asked him what he had witnessed. He said he began to follow Keyley in the black Chevrolet Suburban near the State Liquor Store at 675 East Main Street, Vernal, Utah. The male witness stated he observed the black Suburban was serving, almost colliding with several cars.

He stated the Suburban hit the trash cans on 100 East and stopped. Keyley then exited the vehicle and walked northbound on 100 East, and that's when he took the keys out of the ignition of the Suburban to prevent Keyley from driving anymore.

The male witness said Keyley then returned to the scene. Corporal Randall asked him if Keyley was driving, and he said she was.

Corporal Randall spoke with the man at the residence where the trash cans were in front of, and he stated he had a video of the vehicle striking the trashcans. Corporal Randall watched the video and saw the black Suburban traveling North on 100 East and saw the black Suburban strike the trashcans and continued to travel North.

When Corporal Randall arrested Keyley she was wearing a backpack. When searching the backpack at the jail they found a blue can koozie. He found two vape pens inside. Corporal Randall took the vape pens out of the koozie and saw a THC logo on the pens.

Corporal Randall’s Statement:

Based on the facts stated above Keyley Christensen was booked into the Uintah County Jail on the following charges; One count of Damaging a Jail. One count of Interfering with Arresting Officer. One count of Driving Under the Influence - 1ST offense in 10 Years. One count of Assault. One count of Possession of Marijuana. One count of Use or Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. One count of Disorderly Conduct After Being Asked to Cease. One count of Intoxication. One Count of Driving on a Denied License.

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