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A Fruitland man claims his ex-wife beat him up and dragged him across the yard in a chokehold.

By Travis Uresk


Fruitland, Ut.-6/26/23, Deputy Borrelli responded to a protective order violation on Young Meadows Drive. The complainant, 44-year-old Cory Jay Swenson, told dispatch his ex-wife had beat him up and then returned to her camper.

When Deputy Borrelli arrived, he spoke to the ex-wife outside her home, and she stated earlier that Cory drove to her house and entered a camper in the back of the property. She said they had a protective order, and she told Cory to leave.

The Deputy talked with Cory, who was inside the camper, and he stated his ex-wife entered his camper while he was sleeping and began to beat him up. He said she grabbed him by the shirt, threw him out of the camper, and dragged him across the yard in a chokehold.

Cory had small cuts along his forearm, and his shirt was ripped in the back. When questioned about what had happened, the details Cory stated were changed. Cory stated his ex-wife had strangled him in the camper, and then he changed it to she strangled him outside.

Cory described his ex-wife placing her hands around his throat. Later, he described as a chokehold using her arm. While observing his neck, there wasn't any marks or pressure being placed around his neck. Cory had a difficult time answering simple questions when asked. The Deputy asked Cory how much he had to drink tonight, and Cory replied, "None."

Deputy Borrelli spoke with his ex-wife again and asked how Cory got the marks on his forearm. She stated that when he arrived, he could not maintain his balance and fell over many times. Due to medical issues, he bruises and cuts easily, causing him to bleed.

She said she attempted to help him up and take him back to his vehicle, but he refused to leave. The ex-wife then provided some text messages sent by Cory multiple times throughout the day. Cory sent her pictures the day before of his arms. These photos showed the same bruising and wounds Cory was claiming occurred today. The message after the photos was Cory claiming their 8-year-old son had caused the marks on his forearm.

Deputy Borrelli asked Cory about the protective order, and he stated it was supposed to have been canceled in 2000. When asked when it was implemented, Cory answered in 2017 or 2018. The Deputy explained how his statement was not possible.

Cory again said he knew about the protective order, which was still in effect. The Deputy again asked Cory what had happened, and his story changed to his ex-wife having him in a choke hold while dragging him across the field to his vehicle.

Cory was asked about the pictures he sent his ex-wife on Sunday. He stated no pictures were sent to her via text message. While looking through his messages, the same photos were seen as sent by Cory on Sunday. Cory stated the photos of his arms were from an incident that occurred months ago and was not the same.

Deputy Borrelli noted Cory and his ex-wife's messages matched the date and time, with Cory claiming their child caused the injuries.

The Deputy could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from Cory and again asked him how much he had to drink. Cory replied one beer, then changed it to one mixed drink with vodka.

While the Deputy searched the area, there were no signs of a struggle or drag marks through the dirt.

His ex-wife's hands showed no sign of marks or bruising that indicated the use of strangulation.

The protective order terms are as follows: No contact unless regarding children, stay away order, and no alcohol use during a visit.

Cory was arrested and placed in handcuffs. During the arrest, Cory stated, "I called you, and my ex-wife should be arrested for the information I provided."

Dispatch verified that Cory had a prior protective order violation conviction enhancing the violation to a 3rd-degree felony. Two other violations were added due to multiple protective order violations occurring, enhancing them to a 2nd-degree felony.

Cory was also booked for a false emergency report for calling 911, reporting active domestic violence, and providing false information to law enforcement to indicate the recipient of the information believed that another had committed an offense.

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