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A female was arrested for interfering with an arresting Officer, intoxication, and disorderly conduct


Vernal, Ut. - On 1/11/24, a complainant stated she believed 35-year-old Maimie Louise Cornpeach was high or drunk because she was acting funny and requested officers to check on her.

The complainant stated Maimie was on probation, and Cpl Ross verified she was on probation with Agent Barnes, who informed the Cpl that Maimie was an interdicted person and wasn't supposed to possess or consume alcohol.

Cpl Ross arrived at the residence and spoke with Maimie, who was seen with her 3-year-old child. With assisting Officers and AP&P Agent Barnes, Maimie stated she had smoked methamphetamine an hour ago. She also stated, "She didn't drink a lot," but later changed it to say she "Drank a beer."

While speaking with Maimie, the Officers noticed her slow response and her slurred speech. Maimie was chomping her jaw as if attempting to chew the air throughout their interaction. This type of behavior is commonly associated with people who are under the influence of meth.

When Maimie was asked if she recently used meth and she said something to the degree of, "Do I look like I'm on meth?"

Cpl Ross stated it was difficult to understand her as she mumbled and slurred. She said, "Yes, and I smoked it next door."

Maimie's emotions were all over the place; she would change from being upset to angry to crying, then to being frustrated.

Agent Barnes said they searched Maimie's room, and Officers found an empty bottle of Seagram's American blended whiskey (375 ml) in her closet. At this point, Maimie was arrested for being an interdicted person in possession of alcohol, consuming alcohol to a degree she was a danger to herself and others and was disturbing others.

Once placed into handcuffs, Maimie started to pull her arm away from the Officer to keep her from falling. Maimie was told to stop resisting, or she would receive additional charges. Maimie had to be forcibly escorted out of the residence as she continued to pull away from the Officers, and she wouldn't walk while screaming and yelling. She was told multiple times during this incident. Maimie also had to be forcibly placed into the patrol vehicle, where she tried to kick Cpl Ross.

Maime was transported to the Uintah County Jail, where she submitted to a PBT (portable breath test). The results of that test were .317 BrAC (breathe alcohol content).


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