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A female talks a male into fleeing a traffic stop on foot. When police returned, the female was gone


Roosevelt, Ut. - On 1/4/24, Officer Arnold stopped a vehicle with a male and a female inside a parking lot at 630 East 200 North regarding a felony case another officer was investigating and had probable cause to arrest the male.

During the encounter, 31-year-old Elizabethann Margarite Burns encouraged the male, known in the affidavit as AH, to leave, saying they have nothing on us, and AH fled on foot, throwing several items as he ran off. AH was arrested a few blocks away.

When the officers returned to retrieve the items, they found that Elizabethann had taken them and left. The police searched the area for Elizabethann but were unable to find her.

1/5/24, RCPD responded back to the residence where AH was arrested on reports of a handgun that had been located in the yard. New charges were filed against AH for the gun, and the weapon was booked as evidence.

1/6/24, RCPD again responded to the residence where AH was arrested on reports of two individuals using flashlights to look through the yard. When the officers arrived, one of the subjects was identified as Elizabethann Burns.

Officer Arnold heard her name over the radio and responded to the scene. Elizabethann was arrested for obstruction of justice because she encouraged AH to run and removed his property from the scene.

During a search, the Officer found suspected meth and an unused needle in a bag that she had on her. The other person on scene told officers that Elizabethann had told him that they were there looking for a phone.

Elizabethann was transported to the Duchesne County Jail and booked.

While at the jail, Officer Arnold asked jail staff to review any phone calls from AH to Elizabethann. The jail staff later called and informed Officer Arnold that AH had made a phone call to Elizabethann, and during that call, she asked where he tossed the gun. Jail staff stated that AH told Elizabethann it was on the lawn where he was arrested.

Because AH's possession of the handgun is a 2nd-degree felony, Elizabethann was also charged with Obstruction of Justice, a 3rd-degree felony, for attempting to locate and conceal the firearm.

All the articles that come from come from the affidavits & probable cause reports. If you think the articles are wrong, they come from the affidavit reports that the officers write, and you can get a copy for yourself to read. I will even send a copy to you if you would like. This is the website where you can get them. They charge you a fee of $5 just to be on the website and for every affidavit you want to open. I think it's .25 or .50. or you can pay $25 a month and still pay for every court document you want to open.


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