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A family fight sends a 33-year-old female to jail for child abuse

Posted by Travis Uresk | March 25th, 2023 | Child Abuse |

By Travis Uresk


This one is a little older, but it just appeared on the court calendar a few days ago.

Uintah, Co.- On 5/17/22, a Uintah County Sheriff Deputy was dispatched to assist BIA on a family fight at 2500 North 5750 East on the White Rocks Highway.

When the Deputy arrived, a 14-year-old female victim reported that she had been driving her mother's minivan from Whiterocks. The victim stated she was driving because her mother, 33-year-old Jamie Marie Wissiup, was drunk, and the victim was scared due to poor driving from Jamie.

The victim got Jamie to pull over so she could drive the van. The 14-year-old also stated Jamie had forced her to drink alcohol while at a party in Whiterocks to prove she wasn't a "snitch."

While the juvenile victim was driving, Jamie got upset and started hitting her and pulling her hair, causing the juvenile to hit her head on the steering wheel.

At the intersection of 2500 N 5750 E, the van ran out of gas, causing Jamie to get upset again, and she started hitting the victim again. The victim grabbed her cell phone and ran down the road to escape her mother.

Inside the van was another female child. She is 6 years old.

While the victim ran down the road, she called her Grandmother, who then called the victim's aunt and uncle, who went to find the 14-year-old. Her aunt picked up the victim about a half mile from the van.

Jamie and the 6-year-old were no longer in the van and had fled the area on foot through a wooded area around 10 pm.

While the Deputy spoke with the victim and her aunt, they heard some screaming from the West in the wooded area.

The Deputy drove towards the area, and while driving, he saw some headlights on a side road driving South near where he heard the screaming. Before he could get close to the area, the vehicle drove away, and he was unable to locate them.

The father of the 6-year-old pulled up to the scene and told the Deputy he had found his daughter out by some fields and pointed in the direction of the screaming and the headlights. He admitted he had found Jamie with his daughter, but his brother got out of his car and stayed with Jamie, and he left them out there after putting his daughter into his car.

Two other Deputies attempted to find Jamie in that area but were unsuccessful.

An ATL was broadcast through dispatch around 1 am on 5/17/22, and about 30 minutes later, BIA Officers found Jamie and the uncle walking in the Ft. Duchesne area.

When the Deputy arrived, Jamie was yelling and uncooperative with the BIA Officers, who already had her handcuffed. Jamie denied having been with either female juvenile victim's that night and stated she had left her van in the Myton area at her mother's house earlier in the day.

Jamie was placed under arrest and booked into the Uintah County Jail. She is being charged with the following:

Intoxication- as she endangered the older juvenile victim by forcing her to drink, having her drive the vehicle, her running from Jamie down the middle of the Whiterocks Highway, endangering the younger juvenile victim by removing her from the vehicle in the dark, and fleeing from the scene in the dark without communication or a flashlight while intoxicated.

Child Abuse- for the physical hitting and hair pulling the older juvenile victim stated Jamie had done to her.

Reckless endangerment- Jamie was driving the vehicle while intoxicated with the victims inside, removing the youngest victim from the vehicle and fleeing/hiding for multiple hours in the middle of the night while Jamie was intoxicated.

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