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A Duchesne County man points a loaded gun at his wife, saying, "If you leave me, I will kill you or myself."


Duchesne Co. Ut.- On 1/4/24, at around 3:30 pm, a call about an incident of threats that happened the day before. Deputy Smith met with the victim, who stated that she was the spouse of the suspect, 49-year-old Bryan Keith Dumas.

The victim stated that the night before, Bryan had been loading a handgun in front of her and then started to wave the loaded gun around, and then pointing it at the victim with his finger on the trigger. Bryan told her that if she tried to leave him, he would kill her or himself. Bryan then went outside and fired the gun.

The victim made other violent crime reports committed against her by Bryan that are currently being investigated.

Deputy Smith had the victim call Bryan while the Deputy sat with her and recorded with his body camera. The Deputy wrote some open-ended questions relating to the incident. When questioned about the handgun, Bryan first denied that he ever pointed a gun at the victim at all. The victim asked Bryan again, and this time, he admitted that he had but said that the safety was on and she wasn't in any real danger.

Deputy Smith went to Bryan's residence with other Deputies. The Deputies could see Bryan through the kitchen window when walking up to the home. An Officer knocked on the window, and the suspect came out.

Bryan Dumas was arrested and had his Miranda Rights read to him, and he waived his rights to have an attorney present.

During questioning, Bryan again admitted to having the gun and said that his gun was in his other house in a dresser. Bryan gave the keys to the Deputies so they could get into the house. Bryan admitted to having the gun loaded in the presence of the victim but again denied ever pointing it at her; he did admit to shooting the gun.

After Bryan was put into the back of a patrol vehicle, he began to scream and yell for attention. Deputy Smith opened the door to talk to Bryan and to calm him down. Bryan claimed that he was having an anxiety attack. Bryan then tried to remove the seatbelt and get out of the vehicle.

Deputy Smith pushed him back into the patrol vehicle and tried to shut the door. Bryan put his foot in the door, preventing it from being shut. Bryan was given multiple commands to put his foot back inside the car.

Bryan's foot was pushed back inside the car, but he twisted his body to hang his legs out the door so the Deputy couldn't shut it. With assistance from another Deputy, they got Bryan back seated, and the door shut.

The handgun was found in the second home in a dresser with a false bottom and fully loaded with one in the chamber.

Bryan Dumas was arrested for aggravated assault and interference with a Peace Officer.

Bryan told the Deputies during the arrest that he has no family in Utah. All his family is in Arizona. For this reason, they believed that he could be a flight risk if released from jail because of the severity of the charges.


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