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A Car Gets Stolen Near The Western Park

By Travis Uresk 11/2/23

Vernal, Ut.- On 10/25/2023, Officer Young was dispatched to assist the Uintah County Sheriff's Office with a possible stolen vehicle that may have been taken from inside Vernal City limits.

Deputies had pulled over a vehicle at the UBTC building located at 450 N 2000 W, and the driver, 33-year-old Vanessa Latrice Gallegos, told deputies she had taken the vehicle somewhere near the Western Park. Young contacted Sergeant Cheshire at the Western Park skating rink parking area at 302 E 200 S.

Sergeant Cheshire located the victim at a construction site near the building. The victim confirmed that his vehicle, a gray four-door passenger car, was no longer in the place he had parked it. Officer Oldham transported the victim to his vehicle at the UBTC building.

The victim confirmed that the vehicle was his. He went through the vehicle and did not observe anything missing. The victim identified several items that did not belong to him, which were secured and booked into the Vernal City Police Department for safekeeping.

Deputy Young spoke with Vanessa at the UBH. She was in the custody of Deputy Jones for driving under the influence of drugs. Vanessa stated that she found the items in the vehicle on the side of the road next to a sign that said: "free." Vanessa asked if she was getting a ticket for stealing the car. Young informed Vanessa that it would not be a ticket but that it would be a charge she would be booked into the Uintah County Jail for.

Young spoke with Deputy Jones, who informed him that she was read her Miranda warning, and she admitted to taking the vehicle from the parking area of the Western Park skating rink. Deputy Jones transported Vanessa to the Uintah County Jail, where she was booked in on other charges.


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