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A Cadillac Collides With Two Vehicles When Trying To Avoid A Traffic Stop


Ballard, Ut.- On 3/1/24, a light-colored Cadillac was traveling on US-40 near 2700 East when Deputy Fairey ran the registration through the state database.

The information returned the vehicle's registered owner as 22-year-old Kamry Rose Post of Ft. Duchesne. The record also showed an active arrest warrant attached to the car.

Deputy Fairey caught up with the Cadillac and activated his overhead emergency lights to stop the vehicle. The driver acted as if they were going to pull to the shoulder but abruptly accelerated, passing multiple vehicles on the right shoulder as it proceeded through the 2500 East intersection.

The Cadillac crossed back into the travel lane and accelerated to a high rate of speed. Dispatch was advised of the location and that the vehicle was fleeing. RPD units were advised that the Cadillac was heading into their jurisdiction. Deputy Fairey informed dispatch that he was canceling his pursuit with the Cadillac.

The Cadillac was now ½ mile ahead of Deputy Fairey as he pulled off to the shoulder to terminate the pursuit. The Cadillac was seen swerving into the center turn lane, passing other vehicles when it veered across the travel lane onto the right shoulder. The deputy lost sight of the car due to a large cloud of dust.

When the dust cleared, the Cadillac collided with a white truck and another vehicle at around 1600 East Main Street. The Cadillac had received damage but continued to drive a short distance before becoming disabled in the driveway of a Ballard tire shop.

Deputy Fairey arrived at the Cadillac and was waved down by a bystander who said they saw a female get out of the car and run into the shop of the tire store. They reported the female was hiding in the shop's bathroom.

The bathroom door was shut and locked, and the deputy could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from inside. He announced he was a deputy with the Uintah County Sheriff's Office. There was no response from the female.

Employees at the store said that the door was broken and it could be opened by lifting the door handle. The door was opened, and the deputy recognized a female inside as Kamry Post.

Kamry slightly resisted while being taken into custody and placed into handcuffs. When escorting Kamry to the patrol vehicle, she was asked if she had anything illegal on her. Kamry stated that she had a baggie of marijuana in her front right pant pocket. Kamry stated that she wasn't sure, but items may be concealed in her bra.

Dispatch conducted a records check on Kamry, and it returned a total of six active felony and misdemeanor arrest warrants out of local jurisdictions. All of the warrants were listed as no bail accepted.

A search of the vehicle was conducted, and the following items were found:

The strong odor of marijuana was present coming from the vehicle interior. The center console and dash area of the vehicle were inspected for the presence of an ignition interlock device. No device was found to be installed in the car.

A hand-rolled marijuana cigarette was located on the driver's door handle. The cigarette was observed to contain marijuana. A glass bong and two glass pipes were located in the center console compartment. The glass pipes were observed to contain a residue of methamphetamine.

Kamry was transported to the jail, where a more thorough search was conducted. A burnt marijuana cigarette was found in Kamry's pants pocket. No additional items of contraband were located in Kamry's bra.

Kamry admitted that she had seen Deputy Fairey's signal to stop and stated that she fled because she knew of the active warrants. Kamry stated that she had collided with the white truck as it was exiting the parking lot of a convenience store and that she had last consumed methamphetamine earlier in the day.

Deputy Fairey reviewed Kamry's personal information, which showed an extensive criminal history involving the use or possession of illegal drugs. A total of 5 recent convictions were observed for the possession of dangerous drugs (methamphetamine), with the most recent conviction entered in December of 2023. A total of 6 recent convictions (one felony 3) were observed for the possession of marijuana/spice, with the most recent conviction entered in December of 2023.

During the investigation of this incident, it was learned that a parent and juvenile children occupied one of the vehicles that the suspect collided with.

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Some people just lose their way when suffering from the loss of a parent...😢

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