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A 5-Year-Old Child Gets sexually And Physically Abused By Care Taker

Posted by Travis Uresk | April 27th, 2023 | Sexual Abuse | Graphic Content |

By Travis Uresk


Roosevelt, Ut.- On 4/15/22, Sgt. Bird was dispatched to the Cottonwood Apartments on a report of child abuse.

Sgt. Bird talked to the father, who stated his 5-year-old son's penis was red, swollen, and bleeding and that his son told him it was 26-year-old Michael Paul Hartzell that pulled on it and made it hurt.

The father stated he works at night, and Michael watches his son while sleeping.

At the UBMC, the child was getting checked by a Physician. Sgt. Bird said the child had small welts all over his body that looked like he had been shot with an airsoft gun.

On 4/27/22, DCSF interviewed the child at the Salt Lake City Children's Justice Center, and during the interview, the child stated Michael pulled on his weenie with his hand. The victim was asked how many times, and he said five times. The child also stated Michael would hit him on his butt.

Detective Adams went over the father's witness statement, and the father asked his son what happened. His son told his dad, "Michael grabbed it really hard because I pooped my pants."

The father stated when he saw the little round welts on his son and his daughter. They told their father Michael shot them with an airsoft gun.

On 4/15/22, The father stated that Michael told him he and his three children needed to move out and leave his home before he really hurt his son.

Detective Adams went to Michael's residence, and it was abandoned. There was a Sheriff's letter that had been left on the door for no trespassing. Detective Adams tried calling Michael, but the phone was no longer working. The Detective asked the father if he knew where Michael had moved to, and he said he had not heard of or seen him.

When this affidavit was written, the police hadn't found Michael Hartzell.

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