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A 28-year-old female stabs a man in the throat allegedly over a bottle of alcohol

By Travis Uresk


Roosevelt, Ut.-On 06/04/2023 at 6:00 am, Detective Kirkham was informed a male, who was later identified as Bryan Hardy, was dropped off at the UBMC Emergency room in Roosevelt that had a stab wound to his throat. Bryan was being life-flighted to Utah Valley Hospital in Provo, Utah.

Detective Kirkham contacted the Utah Valley Hospital and was informed Bryan was not awake and wouldn’t be for about a week.

On 06/06/2023, Detective Kirkham went to the UBMC, where Bryan was dropped off, and was able to identify the vehicle that transported Bryan to the Emergency room. The surveillance cameras showed a Honda vehicle missing the front bumper that was missing a license plate.

It appeared there were two people inside the vehicle helping Bryan, but the Detective wasn’t able to see the driver because the driver never exited the vehicle.

Roosevelt City Police informed Detective Kirkman that Shilo Welborn was one of the individuals who dropped Bryan off at the hospital. Shilo informed RPD he found Bryan on the side of the road at 200 East and approximately 600 South.

Detective Kirkman went to the area of 200 East to look for the vehicle and was able to locate the vehicle in the Stoneridge apartment parking lot at 100 East 800 South.

Where the vehicle had parked was next to what appeared to be dry blood. There was blood on the inside and outside of the vehicle. Kirkman checked the VIN on the vehicle and contacted the last known registered owner, who informed him he sold the vehicle to Melissa Goodrich.

Due to prior involvements and knowledge of where Melissa Goodrich lived at the Stoneridge apartments.

The Detective walked up to the door of the apartments and was able to see dried blood on the ground and on the walls. He was able to contact Melissa at her residence and informed Melissa why he was there.

Melissa stated Bryan was inside her residence when 28-year-old Kiana Shauntel Curry stabbed him.

Melissa stated Kiana came over to her apartment on 06/04/2023 and was upset with Bryan over a bottle of alcohol. Melissa stated there was a fight between Kiana and Bryan, resulting in Bryan being stabbed in the throat. Melissa stated her daughter and Kiana's uncle were present, as well as Shilo.

Detective Kirkman spoke to Melissa's daughter, and she informed him she witnessed the altercation between Kiana and Bryan. The daughter stated she thought she saw Kiana throw a fast punch, then Bryan fell to a chair and was bleeding out of his throat.

Kirkman was able to locate Kiana's uncle, Rory Curry. Rory stated Kiana was texting him, telling him she was in trouble for stabbing a guy. Rory denied knowing any details.

Detective Kirkman was able to review a doorbell camera pointed at Melissa's only door of entry and exit to her apartment. It shows Kiana knocking on the door to Melissa's apartment, and while she is waiting for the door to open, she places an item in the back of her waistband, which appears to be a knife due to its shape and size.

The camera shows Kiana exiting with her uncle, and then moments later, you see Bryan exit holding his throat.

The Detective was able to locate Kiana at her residence at Stoneridge apartments and informed Kiana he was there to talk to her about where she was the day before.

Kiana asked for an attorney at this time. After reviewing Kiana's criminal history. Det. Kirkman is asking the Honorable Judge to hold Kiana on no bail. Kiana has several violent crimes in her criminal history and one felony assault she was convicted of, which would lead a reasonable person to believe Kiana poses a threat to the citizens in the area she is in.


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